NEW RELEASE: ModelAero Sportster Indoor and Park Flyer

ModelAero Sportster

Debuting at the 2014 Horizon Indoor, held at the Four Seasons Golf Dome in Columbus, Ohio on November 7-9, 2014, the ModelAero Sportster marks a slightly new direction for a company firmly rooted in amphibious model aircraft. Long known for making available a number of different versions of the Polaris, ModelAero principal Scott DeTray reports that he had been toying ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: NiceSky Decathlon Scout SLT TR with Floats


Fresh in for review this week is one of the three new NiceSky models now being distributed by Hobbico and available at your local hobby shop or online via your favorite Etailer. These three models all feature a Tactic TR624 2.4GHz six channel receiver already installed in the airplane right out of the box. We had ours bound to our ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Microaces Easy Build, Easy Fly Cessna 195

Microaces 195 trio

Microaces recently asked their customers what new model they would like to see developed as a trainer? Out of the variety of answers received, one model stood out above the others. With a low wing loading, ample sized control surfaces, a simple, clean airframe and an uncomplicated under carriage, the Cessna 195 is the perfect micro trainer! Sporting an entirely  ... Read More »

PRIMARY TRAINING: Conquering the Flat Spin

Conquering the Flat Spin

Flat spins are a spectacular maneuver in which the plane spins in a flat attitude while descending slowly, maintaining altitude or in some cases even gaining altitude. They are not especially difficult to perform, but require finesse to get a truly flat spin. The key to success in this maneuver is having a plane that is setup properly and capable of performing the maneuver. Read More »


Review: BSI Glues

If there’s one thing that is universal throughout the vast and varied realms of RC devices, glue has to be one of the top contenders. I don’t care if you’re a car and truck guy, a helicopter guy or, in the case of most of our readers for this publication, an RC airplane guy … your machine is going to need glue, thread locking compound or epoxy at some point or another in its existence. Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Flitework Airplanes to be Distributed by Hobbico in North America


Flitework is single-handedly attempting to capture all of the excitement of the amazing collection of aircraft owned and operated by the Flying Bulls and housed at Hangar 7 in Germany. Hobbico recently announced that they will soon be distributing Flitework models. Initial offerings will include many of the Red Bull sponsored aircraft from Hangar 7: Red Bull Pilatus PC-6 Turbo ... Read More »

DOWNWIND: 4K Video: Watch Jacob Holländer in his MODEL 12-S “VIKING” SE-XZA Biplane

Jacob and the Viking - The man and his machine in 4K

Here is a STUNNING 4K video of a great pilot, Jacob Holländer, flying his Model 12 Viking biplane. This is the airplane upon which E-Flites new 280 sized replica is based. If this video will not have you queuing up for this exciting new AS3X equipped release, you are just not “into” flying RC models! Don’t forget to view it ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: E-flite Viking Model 12 280 BNF Basic


The E-fliteAS3X equipped  Viking Model 12 280 model captures all of the stunningly bright colors of the trim scheme used on the full scale model,officially licensed by Jim Kimball Enterprises, Scandinavian Airshow and Aircraft Studio Design. This 280 sized model is constructed out of lightweight, molded foam. The 1800Kv brushless outrunner motor mates to a 10-amp speed controller. Add a ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Tactic TTX410 Four Channel SLT Compatible Radio System

Tactic TTX410-1

Whether a pilot is just starting out or upgrading, the Tactic TTX410 has a lot to offer and at a very reasonable price. This radio system gives a pilot the dependability of 2.4GHz technology, with the added security of Secure Link Technology.  SLT is the the same protocol used in the receivers of all transmitter ready (Tx-R) aircraft. With the ... Read More »