NEW RELEASE: Video: Durafly Spitfire Mk1a Teaser


In a very short time, Durafly has established themselves within the industry as a designer of diverse and exciting models. Their series of 1100mm EPO foam warbirds has raised the bar when it comes to what pilots can and should expect out of the box. The latest release in the series is the legendary and iconic Battle of Britain fighter ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Hitec X1 Mini Universal AC Input Balance Charger/Discharger


With a small form factor and the ability to charge all battery chemistries, including the latest LiHV high voltage Lithium Polymer chemistry, the Hitec X1 Mini offers amazing grab and go portability and convenience. A six amp power supply delivers 60 watts of recharging power. A user friendly programming interface makes it easy to quickly configure the X1 Mini. An ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Multiplex ParkMaster Pro


Multiplex builds on the success of their original Parkmaster 3D with the Parkmaster Pro. This lightweight and rigid airframe is optimized for outdoor aerobatics and absolutely excels in performing extreme aerobatic and 3D maneuvers. A reinforced motor mount is capable of handling powerful brushless power systems, with the optional 4mm carbon firewall available to even further increase the airframe’s stiffness ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: Video: Twisted Hobbys RCF F-22 Raptor EPP Jet


When it comes to an almost indestructible medium that is also easy to repair, EPP foam is hard to beat. Twisted Hobbys sells an amazing variety of EPP composition kits. We saw another pilot flying the RCF F-22 Raptor pusher jet a few weeks ago and just had to have one for ourselves. Watch for the full review in FlyRC ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Great Planes RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator


Advanced drone technology now makes it possible for just about anyone to take to the skies, with no previous piloting skills necessary. Many potential pilots are drawn to the multi-rotor platform for their amazing aerial imaging capabilities. RealFlight, long known for their flight simulation products, now has a dedicated drone simulator offering. The RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator allows pilots to ... Read More »

DOWNWIND: RC Paragliding – What a Way to Fly!

RC Paragliding - What a Way to Fly!

Hacker USA’s Lee Estingoy was in Austria recently at an unusual flying meet – it was all about RC Paragliders. Yup, you read that right, these little gems were buzzing around the hills and they look awesome! We’ve included a few pix here for you to see, but also a link to Lee’s Flickr album with many more. See more ... Read More »

BONUS CONTENT: VIDEO: Durafly Bravado Teaser


New contributor Joshua Bernstein has been busy exploring the in-flight capabilities of the new Durafly Bravado. While Josh was using his golden thumbs to have his way with this model, we were busy trying to keep him in our viewfinder. Take a peek at what this aerobatic/3D offering from Durafly is capable of and stay tuned for the full review ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Durafly Bravado Precision 3D Aerobatic Sports Plane 1000mm (PNF)


Pilots who like flying 3D in their local park or schoolyard will want to have a look at the latest offering from the Durafly gang. The Bravado 3D is a 1000mm EPO composition and the first model from Durafly to feature their Aircore technology foam.  Aircore is both lightweight and strong and is described as being capable of enduring the ... Read More »

NEW RELEASE: Twisted Hobbies RCF 29″ EPP F-22 Raptor Jet


EPP foam is a great medium for profile models. It is flexible, durable and easily repairable. Though Twisted Hobbies sells an amazing variety of exciting foam composition aerobatic and sport models, the RC Factory F-22 Raptor stands alone as the only pusher prop powered jet listed on their site. With a mid-mounted motor/propeller, the Raptor boasts a wide speed range ... Read More »